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We are an international tech company, we are a consultancy company, we work for businesses that want to use tech to excel in what they do, make their processes, products, or services better, and be more sustainable. We love to drive their change.

Question what can be improved, and always go one step beyond. Together we design, build, and run your digital solutions, aiming to increase your market share and in parallel deal with your sustainable goals. Starting from your strategy and with an engineering mindset, we construct the system and processes that fulfill your and your customers’ needs. And of course, we guide the change, transform your organization, train your customers, and modify your business model.

“We are engineers and consultants in one, we know how to transform technology into results”

Your business goals within reach

We know the business you are in. We start with your goals, business challenges, and requirements. Viewing them from functional and operational perspectives, we select the right technology building blocks for your solution, which includes proper pricing, cost, and compliance levels appropriate for your business. We co-create, use science when required, and assemble software, data solutions, and IT to make your products and services digital.

Using the latest technology is not a goal in itself. Your business challenge is what drives us. To achieve your goals, we create the digital solutions required. We know the business you are in. We constantly study the latest innovations in the Energy, (high-tech) Manufacturing, and Agriculture sectors. Our consultants focus on this relentlessly. We know how to combine an organization’s multi-goal strategy by applying technology, automation, and persistent data analysis.

We are your digital twin.

A company that shares your business goals and brings the digital knowledge and power to achieve them.

Tech for sustainability

At Itility, we value a sustainable future. Even stronger, we think that applying technology should always be focused on achieving a step towards a more sustainable world. For our and your customers, for us as Itilians.

We apply tech with a purpose, we dare to aggressively drive toward a better world. That’s why we created our own Innovation Group, which focuses on promising research outcomes ready to improve the world we live in. We invest, investigate, and co-create in the Itility Lab as part of the Innovation Group.

We focus on energy transition, the food challenge, producing products efficiently with the lowest carbon footprint, and we think circular.

Itility Lab: to learn is to grow

In our Itility Lab we facilitate various R&D projects related to the Energy, Agriculture, and (high-tech) Manufacturing sectors. We work and experiment with the latest technologies to stay ahead and we use our findings and experiences to help our customers innovate. We like to co-create, which often starts with large enterprises or start-ups engaging with us on the experiments we do.

An example of such an R&D project at the Itility Lab is our AI-assisted indoor farm (see video). Here, we automatically control plant growth in an indoor farm. We constantly simulate the growth toward the future, pick the best simulation, and optimize energy, water, and nutrients usage versus crop volume, quality, and production timing. We assist indoor farm growers now in an optimized and controllable growing process and we will assist greenhouse horticulture growers in the near future same wise.

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Another example addresses the optimization of heat pumps. We think we can optimize heat pump operation by 20–40%. Heat pump builders and electricity suppliers are reviewing our approach and results. We arbitrate between costs, carbon footprint, and end-user comfort. A true challenge.

And we do many more R&D initiatives related to the sectors we love. Curious to learn more about them? Contact our R&D lead Joost Meijer.