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We believe in the digital future of the agriculture sector.

To feed the world population in the decades to come, we need drastic changes. Technology can help drive this change. We co-develop bold innovations that are sustainable, both for the planet and your bottom line.

At Itility, we apply advanced technologies to improve the efficiency and productivity of agricultural practices. We focus on predictable and safe food production, both indoors and outdoors, by approaching cultivation-specific challenges from a data perspective. Using real-time data generated by a variety of sensors, ranging from satellite images up to vision systems, the tools can “prescribe” optimal crop production and management decisions to support you as a grower on a daily basis and throughout the growing season.

Whether it be by using remote sensing to define where and where not to irrigate, or using image-recognition techniques to automate manual work such as counting or quality inspection.

Using these tools puts Agriculture 3.0 within reach. The next generation of sustainable food production and transportation is emerging, and it is all about assisting you as a grower in tedious tasks. Satellite imaging, software technology, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing can guide and shape these transformations. Becoming a more efficient grower with less water waste, a smaller carbon footprint, less transportation, and safe food should be the objectives.

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Software & Data | Agri | Business Transformations
Software & Data | Agri | Business Transformations

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