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We believe in merging data and technology to drive our customers one step beyond. Our consultants are experts in data, cloud, software, and IT. And in addition to our tech skills, we cover the people skills needed to bring a new solution to life; including change management, business process improvements, and thinking along with our customer’s Sales & Marketing, Service, R&D, and Operations. We apply proven platforms in our backpack, such as Itility Cloud Control, Itility Data Factory, and Itility AI Factory. Together we shape your digital solution. And then our DevOps team actually delivers the solution. To have it running 24/7, seamlessly.

Shape. Deliver. Run.

At Itility, we merge technology and data to drive our customers one step beyond.

Itility NL

Flight Forum 3360
5657 EW, Eindhoven
+31 (0)88 00 46 100

The Itility headquarters are situated in Eindhoven, Brainport region. From the heart of this innovative area, we focus on delivering digital change for our customers. Our team of over 250 experts in data, cloud, software, and Digital consultancy works close to the customer, shoulder to shoulder, to deliver the results we promise. 

If you have any questions related to careers at Itility, please visit our careers site. For other questions, you can always mail us at info@itility.nl or give us a call.

Want to visit us? Our office is located in Eindhoven (Flight Forum), the Netherlands.

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Itility US

Silicon Valley
333 West San Carlos Street – 6th floor
San Jose, CA 95110

From our offices in Silicon Valley, San Diego, and Austin, we serve multiple international customers on a global scale. We want to be close to our customers and close to where their innovation happens.
We help our customers shape their digital transformation strategies, then work side-by-side to execute by building modular, scalable, and sustainable digital solutions. We work in teams composed of data experts, cloud experts, integration engineers, IT professionals, and digital consultants.
Our sector expertise includes agriculture, energy, and high tech manufacturing. Within the high tech manufacturing sector, we are particularly deeply embedded across multiple customers in the semiconductor industry.
If you are ready to move beyond a proof of concept, contact us today at info@us-itility.com to learn more.
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Our customers

Itility works together on a broad range of digital projects and services with companies in various industries. Shoulder to shoulder with customers in high tech and manufacturing such as Ampleon, ASML, Marel, NXP, Signify, and Vanderlande. In cloud and data lake projects for customers such as KPNEneco, Obvion, and Philips. In co-development on agriculture and automotive with customers such as Priva and WUR, Amber and TNO. Some examples of specific projects are listed below.

At ASML we have built and run the central data lake, we ingest large amounts of data to the data lake, and work in value streams with the end user to create business value with that data. Think of predictive maintenance on machine parts, root cause analysis on drift, and proactive alerting after parts replacement. 

Also at Ampleon and Vanderlande we focus on creating business value and solving business problems via data. End to end, from setting up and running the data lake, to ingesting data, to creating end solutions with data science techniques and application development.

At Marel, Signify, and Obvion we manage the full IT landscape, both on-prem and in various cloud environments. For this, we maximize automation, not only to perform IT operations activities, but also to easily spin up new application environments for new projects or for testing purposes, and to manage the application config (for PLM, EDA, SAP, and many other application landscapes). We also maximize the use of data for smart alerting, predictive operations, and cost control.  

At our agri customers we use our data science knowledge and tech savviness to automate manual activities such as visual inspections of quality of plants or germination strength. And we use various data sources to predict yield or diseases.