Take care and take responsibility

At Itility we do that, for the solutions we deliver but also for our environment and the people around us. No empty promises, at Itility we deliver. That is why we committed to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by signing the SDG charter: a list of 17 sustainable goals to pursue within our working environment. Learn more about the initiatives that act upon these goals below.

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If you want to see a change in the world, do not just dream about a better world; act to create it.

Share and care

Shared Mobility

We care about our carbon footprint. So we work with Amber, a shared-mobility service, to replace our trips in fossil-fuel cars with trips in shared electric cars. We offer shared mobility options to our Itilians to decrease car ownership. We invest in electric lease cars.

We simply love trees

We care about climate change and biodiversity. We yearly plant trees to offset our CO2 emissions, and each new Itilian plants their own Itili-tree to grow our future in a sustainable way. Check out our 2023 Voedselbos certificate.

And we sponsor Boes Bos, a Dutch organization that plants as many trees as possible, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The goal: strengthen biodiversity worldwide and protect tropical rainforests – not only for each other now, but also for the future of our children and grandchildren. Check out our 2021 Boes Bos certificate.

Educate the future

Student collaborations

We care about our technical future, about ‘delivering’ the next generation of digital twins. So we work closely with TU/e, taking part in student projects such as electric motor STORM and solar car Stella Vie, and delivering data science lectures to students.

Cadena de Talentos

Quality education, unfortunately, is not accessible to everyone. Cadena de Talentos is an organization that invests in young, disadvantaged talents between the ages of 15 to 20 from Lima (Peru). Itility sponsors these talents by paying for their education, equipping them with the tools required to improve the quality of life for themselves and the people around them. 

Our first student is Alexander Cruz Quintana, who will go to the University of Federico Villarreal to become a veterinarian.

Hope Foundation India

We support Hope Foundation India, a private foundation that has established a home for children from the slums. We visited Dehra Dun, India, to install computers bought for the home. Each year, we organize a Christmas fundraiser to make needed purchases for the home; such as an intercom/security system, a garage for the school bus, and a kitchen renovation.

In addition, we sponsor Priyanka and Deepak, a brother and sister who receive shelter and education in Hope Home.

By providing free lunch at the Namuna Janasewa school in Nepal, children are ensured one good meal a day. This not only motivates them to attend school, but also helps them concentrate better. Additionally, this unburdens the parents so they can build toward a better future for their families. In the long run, the children can build a better life for themselves and their families through education. 

Extra funds are used for cookware and visits from a doctor for checkups and providing information on healthy nutrition.

Coding for kids

Furthermore, we teach the children of our Itilians and customers how to code using BBC Micro:bit. Because code is not only important within ‘our’ world. It’s everywhere. From automatic street lighting and apps that can turn on the heat at home, to small color-changing LED lights. All technology is powered by code. 

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Never stop asking, keep looking for ways to go beyond.

Value the elderly

We care about the generations before us, who made it possible for us to study, grow, and learn. So, twice a year, we team up with ‘De Zonnebloem’ to share a dinner with 50 seniors, giving everyone a chance to talk, listen, connect, and learn.

In times of corona, we were not able to organize our elderly dinners. This is why we decided to deliver nice bouquets of flowers to the elderly of Stichting de Zonnebloem Eindhoven. 

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Take responsibility

We care about people who care about good causes. So we have the ‘donate-double’ rule: whenever an Itilian donates to a cause he or she cares about, one of our board members donates the same amount. Itility then matches the total amount.

That is why we sponsor, for example, the training of guide dogs by one of our Itilian’s relatives, and also Peter Kuijpers in his Stelvio for Life run, to raise funds to improve the delivery of personalized cancer treatment.

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